Squirrels by Request

My very first request was for squirrels! Not much out there in the way of the fluffy-tailed rodents! But it did bring back a lot of fond memories! When I was growing up, my dad was a logger, and my cousin ended up with a baby squirrel he named Squeaky. He fed it with a dropper, and it grew into a hefty little critter, riding around on his shoulder. He would bring the squirrel to our house during the winter when we were all snowed in, and my family would sit up all night playing Monopoly. My mother would make homemade yeast doughnuts, and we'd sit by the fire all cozy and warm. Squeaky would curl up in my dad's furry winter hat and sleep while we passed Go and collected $200. 😉😴💰☃⛄✄🍩