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You Should Be Dancing, Yeah

I have been diving headfirst into gorgeous vintage illustrations and images, and thoroughly enjoying all that I am finding. I found these great covers from sheet music, showing dancing scenes that are perfect for using in all your paper crafts. You should be dancing, yeah, all the way to the printer! 

Seed Catalog Covers

This week I have been working on garden and seed catalog covers and pages, and I am thrilled to share a few with you. For those who liked the D.M. Ferry Seed illustration that I titled Hollyhock Girl , I found her sister, Basket Girl. Have fun with these colorful illustrations!

I've Been Framed!

All joking aside, here are five beautiful advertisements and book pages to use in your digital and printed goods, and junk journal adventures. 

Fruit Still Life

There is nothing quite as refreshing and visually stimulating as a bowl of fresh fruit. I have found five still lifes that have a fruit theme, and will add a classic flavor to your paper projects. Originally paintings, I have cleaned and brightened them up a bit. Have fun!!

A Mixed Bag

Today's goodies are a mixed bag: a receipt with a photo of a rose overlayed onto it, a botanical book plate, and three handwriting samples. Hope you enjoy these!