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Hollyhock Girl & Rose

This times are certainly crazy right now, with this worldwide virus slowing everything down to a snail's pace. I will be glad when things begin to return to normal, but without the rat race, hopefully. In the meantime, I am curating images to share with creators out there like myself whose funds are allocated to needful things like food, water and electricity. Happy crafting!

Berry Illustrations

  For the past week or so, I have been curated images from The American Garden Monthly Illustrated Journal of Horticulture, which was published from approximately 1881 to 1891. These illustrations are so beautiful! So here is a gooseberry and blackberry to use in your digital and printed paper projects! Enjoy!

Project: Vintage Travel Labels

So earlier this week I went into the local Goodwill on their last day open til ?whenever? and found a well used vintage suitcase that would perfect as a photo prop. I have to make a new handle, which I will hopefully do this weekend. But, sitting next to my dress form with the burgundy lace dress, vintage flapper hat and hatboxes, it looked a little bare. So, I delved into my 60,000+ public domain repository I have been building for the last 3 years, and found some great images to use as travel labels and spruce it up a little. I have decided to share those curated labels with all you crafters out there who scour the internet looking for quality vintage images.  ~This post marks the first edition of sharing five free images every Friday. This post has a few extras!~ Please subscribe to get free, public domain image files in your inbox every Friday. ~~~