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The Face of the Clock

Today wraps up this month's theme of 'time.' Here are some beautiful clock designs from yesteryear to use in your vintage inspired journals and ephemera. Be on the lookout next week for the beginning of a new theme, with some awesome illustrations for the month of April. Happy crafting! 💚💗⌚⌛⏰⏳✂✉ 

Spring Time

Spring time is upon us. Finally!! 💚 I am looking forward to a new season! Here are five representations of spring to use in your projects; a lady in a spring hat, apple blossoms, new love, springtime love, and a springtime wreath of flowers. Happy crafting!! 💛💙💜✂✏💮📖📝📎📏

Tea Time

There is nothing quite so satisfying as an afternoon cup of hot tea when the weather is cool. And there is also nothing quite like a tall glass of ice cold tea on a hot day. Either way, tea illustrations add another dimension to our journaling ephemera. Enjoy, ladies, and happy crafting! 💛🍵🥤⛾🌿

Nothing But Time

With a new month, and the beginning of the spring season, where everything is new , I have decided to do monthly themes. So, the month of March is going to be time . So, here are five catalog pages with advertisements for time-related businesses. Have a great time with these, and happy crafting!!! ❤✂⌚⌛⏰⏳✏