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Double Page Advertisements

This week I have found some double-page adverts from a late 1800's catalog. I have made them to print out a full 8.5 inches wide and 5.5 inches tall. So, they would be great as signature centers, or smaller pages within a signature. Or they can be cut in two to make tags, pockets, or a host of other ephemera. Be sure to hop over to  The Repository  for more freebies. In addition to the free five on Friday, I am now sharing 3 png (transparent stamp) files each Monday. They live on a page of the blog called  The Stamp Stockroom . Plus, I am sharing some of my free textures, backgrounds, and ephemera I have designed on the other days. Happy crafting! 💚💛💡📁📕📖📜🎨✀📏

The Oompah

Hello fellow crafters! This week I thought I would change things up a little. In my search to find five files to share, I happened across this woman in orange playing a trombone. And, with the the name of the song, all I could think of was the Wizard of Oz. So, I have curated all the sheet music, plus made a duplicate cover in a sepia wash. I will be starting a new free-file give away in my group The Repository  beginning next week, and I will be calling it The Stamp Stockroom. This will be a random collection of illustrations that I share as digital stamps with a transparent background, so keep a lookout for the album. New files will be added Monday through Wednesday each week. Stop by and have a look! 🌻🌹🍓🍒🐓📖✂

Rose Doorway, Piano Advert & Cabbage

Hello everyone. Another free 5 coming at you this Friday morning. Three versions of a rose-covered doorway, a vintage color advert for pianos and organs, and a field full of cabbage with a horse-drawn carriage to boot. These could be tags, journaling cards, journal pages, or anything else journal-related. Have fun!!

Women & a Wagon

The catalog cover this week features a group of women and a nasturtium. This would make a great tag or journaling card, and comes in the three variations that I think most creatives can use. I have also included a great page of advertising in two versions of sepia. I have also created an fb group to share these files en masse . I have also created an account on cluster(.)com, added a group on Mewe(.)com, and have made a shareable album in my Google photos. It is an experiment to see what works best. Please message me for an invite, or more info. In the meantime, enjoy the latest free downloads. 😁📜🎁📖📚✂