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Eclectic By Request

Within the definition of eclectic, I searched and found some unique brochure covers and an illustration that are just fabulous! I love the colors and designs of the covers. I made two versions of the illustration, with and without the typography. I hope you enjoy creating with these as much as I enjoyed finding them!! Happy crafting !! 😁💜👀🎀✂💌📍📜

Vintage Ladies By Request

Another requested post coming at you this Friday. Vintage ladies! I love these old photos, and have quite a collection of my own growing. I will be adding more vintage photos in the coming weeks, so keep a lookout for new freebies. Also, don't forget that Monday's I add three free digital stamps, so come on over and check out The Repository for some great freebies, as well as some of my designs available for purchase. Happy crafting! ⌛✂✏🎀📎📏📖

Birds By Request

So, I did a poll in the group to see what people were looking for, and I have a few subjects to search for. Today's offerings are a couple of vintage bird images and illustrations. My next search will include vintage photography, so look for that next week. In the meantime, I'll keep looking for requested items, and have more to add in the coming weeks. The poll is still open, so drop by The Repository and put in your comments if you are looking for something particular. Happy crafting!! 💚😁📎✂✏📏  

Hats & Portraits

This blog post is running late!! Today has been a busy day. (Actually, the whole week has been!) But, there is the old cliche` Better late than never! Today's offering are two advertising goodies from a magazine, dated in the 1800's. Two gorgeous men's hat adverts, in the original blue and a sepia version. Also an ad for household art, in a whole page and just the images. Also remember to visit/join The Repository for more free goodies every week. Happy crafting!!   

At the Market & Worn Book Cover

Since I don't 'do' the typical holidays that most people do, I thought I would share a representation of the fall seasonal with a market harvest. Those who make gardens are gathering in the crops this time of year. As usual, there are three versions: bright, faded, and sepia. Along with that are a front and back book cover, worn and raggedy, that would make a great base for dark themes. Be sure and check out The Repository for more great freebies. Happy crafting!  ✒✂💌📖📚