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The Big Day

Today's post marks the end of the wedding theme. I found a few treasures, as well as made the last illustration a blank stamp so that text can be added to personalize it. Hope you have enjoyed June's theme! For the first post in July, I will be doing something similar to last year in celebrating my birthday, so look for that post booming with extras. In the meantime, happy crafting!! ❤💝✂✏👗💍💐📕📬

The Wedding March

Another wedding theme based on sheet music covers. I made these files a little bigger so they could be used as covers or half-page prints in most journal sizes. Enjoy! Happy crafting! 🔔✂✏👗📜📝

Just Married

Here is a selection of 'just married' couples in all their vintage glory. Perfect for a wedding journal, or various types of ephemera. Have fun with these old photos, and happy crafting! 💞💗👗💋💍💐

The Yes Dress

June is known for weddings, so this month's is going to be filled with free files with a wedding theme. First comes the dress. Here is a selection of five vintage wedding dresses just waiting to walk down the aisle of a beautiful journal project. Happy crafting! ❤💕💓💗💌💍💐👗✂