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Forward Looking

Another year has come and gone. And like most people, I am glad to see the end of it, for several reasons! Who else is ready for something new? A new start? Getting rid of the old and bringing on the new? A clean slate? It's about time, isn't it? I hope these simple illustrations bring in a new year full of positive outlook! Happy crafting! 💝📯🎀⏰✂

Shipping & Handling

After mailing off some birthday packages to my grandson in the middle of the holiday season, I began to think about shipping, and how many gifts are delivered by the post office instead of in person. Right now, there is a package held up in the local distribution center. While some packages sail on through, others run aground. So, today's post is all about shipping and handling. That thing we pay for so something gets where we want it to go on time, while knowing that once it leaves our hands, there are no guarantees for when it arrives. Not this time of year, anyway! 📬🕐🚚

Memories From Childhood

When I was growing up, my mother always did all of her sewing during the winter months. In the mountains of western North Carolina, the winters were long and harsh, with snow on the ground almost the whole winter through. It is not that way now. My parents, who still live there, barely get flurries or a skiff. But looking at blankets for my grand daughter coming in February got me to thinking of my mom sewing quilt squares, on the machine and by hand. Then, she and my grandmother hand-quilting them on frames they rolled up to the ceiling in the evenings. So, today's free files represent memories from childhood, when times were simple, and I stood by my mother's knee, watching her sew. That created a love of sewing in me that has grown into a 38+ year semi-professional hobby. Have fun with these, and happy crafting! 💌📍📕📚📝🕒⛄☃

Winter Fun

I enjoyed sharing a winter theme last week, so I am doing it again with an emphasis on skating. (Except the last photo. It is titled 'Storks in the Snow' and I liked it, so I put it in! 😉 ) I just love these vintage images, and I hope everyone can find a use for some of them in your journals or ephemera. Remember to join The Repository to get more free images!! Happy crafting! 💞💝✂✏📎📏📖📜