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From the Land of the Rising Sun

For those of you that like Asian themes and illustrations, this post is for you! These particular illustrations come from vintage ship menus and hotel brochures. They are perfect for tags, journaling cards, pages, and a host of other ephemera. Please visit The Repository to get more goodies. (Please answer all required questions to join.) Have fun!! 📋📌📎📏📖🔖✂✏  

More Patterned Paper

I find that I really enjoy looking for patterned papers. All the different designs and colors are unique, one-of-a-kind ephemera. These would make great writing pages for journals, base images to build mixed media on, cutouts, pockets, tucks, and tags of all shapes. The ideas are endless! I share these files and more in The Repository  so take a look for other files I share there Monday thru Friday. Happy crafting!! ⏳✂✏📕📖📜  

Patterned Papers

In my ramblings this week, I found these gorgeous patterned papers that I just had to share. I know, technically, the first two are book covers, but it's the pattern that is so unique. These would make great tags, backgrounds for mixed media, pockets - you name it! Have fun with these patterns, and create something beautiful! Don't forget to hop over to The Repository for more free goodies, or join to get a notification when new things are added. I add new files almost every week day! ⏳✂✉✏🎁💡📂📃📖📎📏📜  

More Double Page Ephemera Fun

I, for one, am a great fan of vintage advertising. Not only are they an interesting read (like why some contraptions are not made anymore) but they have some unique illustrations to help sell their product. So, I decided to share another five of these double paged ads, since the response was so good last week. Enjoy!