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Botanical Plates & a Squash

This week wraps up all the original images chosen to share as free files. Next week is my birthday, so I have a treat for you. I have found a few garden catalog covers that I think you will all love! In the meantime, here are more botanical plates and and a squash. Enjoy!

Fruit & Frame

Today's post is part one of two on sharing the remainder of files that I selected for freebies over a month ago. So, a mixture of fruit and a frame is on the menu for today. Enjoy these simple illustrations, and make some great ephemera for your journals!

Botanical Plates

Another busy week has come and gone. So busy, in fact, that I almost forgot to post this blog! This week, I am sharing some botanical plates. Not the breakable kind, lol! Enjoy these in your paper craft projects!

Framed Again!

This has been a super-busy week, so I haven't worked on digitals much.  I have begun a sewing project, so my time is going to be taken up with that for a little bit. But, don't worry! I'll be back next week with some goodies!