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Pansy Field & Alphabet

Here is a beautiful pastoral scene with a lovely house in the background. Will make for a unique book page or tag in a journal, or plenty of other paper craft uses! I am still working on a group to share digital goods, but it will not be on fb. This is for both personal and professional reasons. By the next blog post, I plan to have it up and going. Stay tuned! ⏰⏳✂💻📖📎🔍👀

City Scene & Alphabet Sample

This week has been different than any I have experienced in a long time. My husband was on vacation and, instead of going someplace where we would be restricted, we decided to do a 'stay-cation' and spend our money in local antique stores and thrift stores. We believe in helping the 'mom&pop' businesses. And we collected some amazing finds while we were at it! 😁📕📷🔑🔍🏡🚙

More Garden Catalog Goodies

Another week has passed. The heat keeps rising, and my project list keeps getting longer! I am toying with creating an fb group to share digital files, both free and available for purchase, for buyers and sellers. I have just under 100,000 files in my repository that I have been collecting for over four years now, and I add more almost weekly. I love searching for vintage treasures, both physical and digital! 🕓✒🎁💻📜📕 

Veggie Alphabet

Last week was such a hit with the garden catalog covers that I thought I would add one to every post until I have finished curating all I have found thus far. Also, I want to add that all the images I share are in the public domain, so they can be used both for personal and commercial projects. I just clean them up and make them suitable to print. Have a great weekend, everyone, and happy crafting! ✂📎📏📐📖

Rebecca's Birthday Binge

In the spirit of giving is receiving, I am sharing 8 garden catalog covers from 100+ years ago to celebrate my birthday this year. I have edited them into three color schemes: bright, faded, and sepia. Have a great weekend everyone, and happy crafting!